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Unboxing AMD's Radeon VII: A Sneak Peek At Vega 20

Dressed to go Out

Radeon VII is mounted up on a test bench and ready to start running benchmarks. It’s going to be a long couple of days…

Light it Up

Tasteful lighting along the top includes a red Radeon logo and this little cube on the back corner. There’s no flashing, strobing, or breathing effects—just a bold shade of red contrasting against the silver shroud.

Let it Glow

When the lights go out, Radeon VII continues to shine. Particularly on our MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon with its red LEDs, AMD’s card fits right in.

Until the 7th…

For the next few days, AMD’s flagship will spend its time navigating our gaming suite, demonstrating its capabilities in content creation and professional workloads, and baring all through our in-depth power consumption benchmarks. What do you think? Will Radeon VII have what it takes to usurp GeForce RTX 2080 at a similar price point?