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17" LCD: Samsung 171N & NEC LCD1760V vs. Everyone Else

What Are The Differences Between CRT And LCD? What Is The Right Frequency?

You can use whatever resolution you like on a CRT, but not on an LCD. 15" LCDs must be used in 1024x768 pixels, and 17" in 1280x1024 pixels. This relates to the number of pixels actually present on screen. Beyond these resolutions, screens interpolate, which can have disastrous results.

With regard to refresh rates, CRTs are best at 85Hz and over, and LCDs at 60Hz. More about this in detail here .

TN+Film, IPS Or MVA?

There are three screen technologies: TN+Film , IPS and MVA .

Only a year ago, everybody swore by MVA. This technology, the most expensive, is supposed to keep afterglow down and provide the best colors. Next came IPS and for the "poor", TN+Film, which everyone poured scorn on. But the "poor" technology won the day. Apart from a few exceptions (those who still believe in the "good old days"), the generally accepted order is the other way round, because only TN technology has evolved. Viewing angles are much wider, response times have halved, more colors are displayed, brightness and contrast have increased, etc., etc. In short, everything has changed, even the prices, which are much more affordable than before. IPS still has a reputation for its color quality but, like MVA, it is ruinously expensive and the response time is too long.

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