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17" LCD: Samsung 171N & NEC LCD1760V vs. Everyone Else

NEC LCD1760V (and 1760NX)

This is one of the few 16-ms monitors on the shelves in Europe. We're still waiting for the LG, the Hitachi is hard to come by, the ViewSonic is on its way, etc. The old continent is privileged - the 171N will soon be available in the States, but not quite yet.

In fact, NEC has released two 16-ms monitors at the same time. The 1760V is its "entry-level" one, black and not height-adjustable. The LCD1760NX is more expensive ($549.99) and height-adjustable but, and NEC has confirmed this, it has the same screen as the 1760V. So comments on the one are valid for the other.

When plugged into the analog input of the video card (there is no DVI), this monitor amazes with its bright, satisfying and pleasing colors. So everyone is entranced again and exclaims that there is really no future for the CRT, etc. Yet you can't help feeling you've been here before: the colors are lovely, but they clog a bit in dark tones. Compared to the display you get on the Iiyama AS4314UTG, images on the 1760V lack detail in the shady parts (photos, games, test charts). Still, the colors are lovely on the whole, radiant even, and make it seem as if the Iiyama has a slight haze on it.

For games, the conclusion is the same as for the CML174SXW. There is practically no afterglow, but there is even less (which is not to say none) on the Iiyama. In spite of this, the NEC beats the Iiyama because its images are better, much closer to a CRT than on the AS4314UTG.

As with the Samsung, there is no point in beating around the bush. The LCD1760V is built on the same screen as the Hitachi CML174SXW. Color rendering, afterglow, brightness, interpolation - everything is identical on both monitors. This means we must just recommend this one because it is cheaper than its Hitachi rival. As we said for the CML174SXW, the LCD1760V will suit everyone, even FPS fans who, for the most part, will not even realize that there is a very slight afterglow.

For further details on this monitor, you can go back and read the article on the Hitachi monitor . Everything we said there applies to the 1760V, except for the DVI on the CML174SXW: the 1760V just doesn't have one. But since we didn't like it a lot on the Hitachi, this is no great loss!

To sum up, the 1760V, and therefore the 1760NX, belongs to the highly sought after club of the best 17" LCDs on the market. A safe bet for anyone.

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