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17" LCD: Samsung 171N & NEC LCD1760V vs. Everyone Else

Technique: Color Developments In Store This Year

How Many Colors Are Displayed?

This was the recurrent question after the test on the Hitachi CML174SXW . Since we count the number of colors displayed for each monitor, this is easy to figure out.

For instance, with an analog connection, the CML174SXW displays:

- 248 shades of red;
- 255 shades of green;
- 252 shades of blue;

which add up to a total of 248 x 255 x 252 = 15,936,480 colors.

What To Expect Of LCDs In 2003?

LG has announced that by Summer it will have released a monitor with a response time of just 12 ms.

15" monitors are on the way out. They will gradually be replaced by 17" ones costing no more. The 17" will in turn give way to the 19" monitor at less than 1000 euros. And the 18" will surely be put out of its misery.

The last prediction is price drops. This can be seen in Lite On's monitors, for example, on sale at unbeatable prices.

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