5.1 Surround Sound on the Cheap

Logitech X-530

Belonging to the same family as the 2.1 X-230 we tested earlier, the X-530 is essentially the same kit in a five-channel version.

The satellites again use the "Frequency Directed Dual Driver" technology, the goal of which is to eliminate lobes of interference between transducers while providing a larger membrane surface for reproducing the midrange frequencies - the weak suit of many speakers that put design uppermost. The idea is not really new: Filter the two vertically-arranged loudspeakers differently in order to limit interference between transducers. But it's a good idea!

  • synpse
    I LOVE the logiteh X-230 speakers, but my sister snagged them... so I went to get another set, and found the X-530 for the same price!! Wish I found a 7.1 setup.. and wish windows had better "speaker fill" options. but these are my favorite speakers ever.