5.1 Surround Sound on the Cheap

On The Graph And To The Ear

Not surprisingly, the 530 is on a par with other kits with comparable power. Which means it can produce ample enough sound, but don't expect it to go beyond what's needed for good personal listening.

Maximum volume level: 106 dB SPL

Our measurements show well-balanced response and the very good regularity in the midrange and treble we've seen before with this type of satellite. The bass goes down relatively low for a subwoofer with this volume, without emphasizing any particular part of the spectrum. In other words, unlike some of its competitors, Logitech has chosen wider-range response and quality, somewhat at the expense of sound level.

Remarkable regularity in the midrange and treble with excellent overall balance

Response is broad and regular for a model in this category!

Results were very good on listening tests - comparable to the X-230. The stereo image was very good, precise and stable. Audiophiles should find no fault. In multi-channel mode, with blockbuster-type movies, the results were convincing within a limited listening area. They were less good beyond a certain distance. Again, you can't expect a 13-cm (5") woofer to work miracles. Some may find that the X-530 lacks a little bite with this type of film and that it's a little too soft, but that's a question of taste and of the type of film you usually watch. But it's better than what a lot of the competitors deliver, and listening fatigue will set in less quickly.


At the end of these tests, it was clear that we're dealing with systems that are very different from one another. The Logitech X-530 offers very good sound quality and might be a worthier choice if you'll use it for music listening a lot of the time. But you might find it a bit too tame for other uses... At the other extreme, the Altec Lansing VS.3151 is quite a bit more unhinged, but you pay for the bigger sound with the absence of real bass. If you're looking for a balance among all these parameters, the Creative Inspire T5900 might be the right choice. But nobody says you can't opt to choose one feature over the others as enjoying multi-media sound remains a subjective experience.

  • synpse
    I LOVE the logiteh X-230 speakers, but my sister snagged them... so I went to get another set, and found the X-530 for the same price!! Wish I found a 7.1 setup.. and wish windows had better "speaker fill" options. but these are my favorite speakers ever.