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Mainstream-Ready? DDR3-1600 Shootout

Patriot Memory PVS34G1600LLK

Aesthetics are a matter of taste, but Patriot’s PVS34G1600LLK kit certainly puts a flashy spin on a sink design originated by rival Corsair. Patriot doesn’t have Corsair’s extra internal rows of fins, but instead beats this rival on latencies.

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Like competitor OCZ, Patriot uses 1.90 volts to reach its CAS 7 ratings. Unlike OCZ however, Patriot offers the convenience of an XMP profile, allowing installers to change only one setting in the BIOS of many Intel chipset performance motherboards. Patriot also edges out OCZ with a tRAS of 20 rather than 24 cycles.

Patriot Memory is no stranger to high-value performance, so a Web price starting around $320 was somewhat of a surprise for us. Rated latencies of 7-7-7-20 certainly beat those of similarly-priced Corsair modules, but the price can’t beat that of similar-latency Reaper HPC modules from OCZ. Perhaps the test results will provide a more convincing reason to buy from Patriot ?