Only the Best: 9 Athlon Motherboards With The AMD 760 Chipset

MSI MS-6341 "K7 Master"

Board Revision: 1

BIOS Version: 07/09/2001

Company Info

Microstar International is one of the most important OEM players and has a lot of influence on the market. In terms of quality and performance, they have been advancing during the last years. So far, we have used the K7 Master as our reference board.

Hardware Features

The K7 Master uses a much larger board than the competitors. That's mainly because the PCB is ready for up to 4 DIMM sockets (only two are present) and for an Ultra160-SCSI chip (K7 Master-S). Five PCI slots, one CNR, AGP 4x Pro, three fan headers and an AC97 sound system with three line-ins complete the basic hardware. In addition, MSI implemented their D-LED debug system.


Standard Award BIOS, enhanced by the multiplier and CPU voltage options.

Configuration And Manual

There are hardly any jumpers on this motherboard: FSB speed, multiplier and CPU core voltage can be selected inside the BIOS.

Test & Performance

Thanks to the soft set-up, overclocking the CPU can be done easily. Though MSI did not place a fan onto the AMD761 chip like the competitors did, the board runs smoothly and is absolutely stable.


Manual, Driver CD, D-LED table, 80-pin IDE cable and a floppy cable.