Only the Best: 9 Athlon Motherboards With The AMD 760 Chipset

The AMD760: King Of Socket A

The 760 chipset consists of the North Bridge AMD761 and the South Bridge AMD766. Most manufacturers prefer the cheaper VIA South Bridge VT82C686B.

We already talked quite a lot about the AMD chipset. The following links lead to other articles containing basic chipset information, comparisons and product reviews. Please note that the article you are reading right now includes almost every AMD760 motherboard available, including those that had already been reviewed.

The Three Musketeers - Athlon Platforms For 133 MHz FSB

This article introduces the AMD760 and compares it to ALi MaGiK-1 and KT133A.

Athlon Boosters - Three AMD 760 Boards for DDR SDRAM

This was our first AMD760 motherboard review. Here you can also find a comparison table that includes all Athlon chipsets and additional information about the AMD760.

It's Time For DDR: 3 New 760 Athlon Mobos

This is the second review including three more boards

Maybe you have noticed that there is currently no AMD760 motherboard available that would make use of the AMD766 South Bridge. There is a very simple explanation to that: AMD761 can also be teamed up with VIA's current South Bridge, the VT82C686B.

This chip comes at a more attractive price point than the AMD pendant while offering the same features. Generally there aren't many differences between those chips today.