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A Look At SCSI-Performance: Fujitsu MAJ3364MC U160-SCSI

Latest High-Tech: Fujitsu MAJ3364MC

Fujitsu's latest 36.4 GB enterprise drive runs at 10,000 rpm, ensuring high data transfer speed and quick access times. There are several variations of this drive available. The MAJ3364MP comes with an U2W-Interface instead of U160-SCSI. MAJ3182 is the same drive but with only 18.2 GB capacity. There is also a 9.1 GB drive by the name of MAJ3091 available.

Fujitsu MAJ3364MC Technical
Capacity36.4 GB
Number Of Platters6
Average Seek Time4.7 ms
Rotation Speed10,025 rpm
InterfaceUltra-160 SCSI
Buffer Size4 MB

It looks as if the power connector is missing.

The MAJ3xxxMC family comes with an 80-pin connector (SCA), which includes the power lines as well. In order to use this kind of drives in standard computers, Fujitsu ships a little adapter:

This side will be connected to the Fujitsu hard drive.

Side two hosts both the 68-pin SCSI interface and the power connector.

Now let's take a first look at the transfer rates.

Write-performance is always lower than read-performance. When writing data to the disk, the heads need to be positioned more accurately over a track to make sure neighbor tracks aren't affected. Very often the default setting of the write-cache is off for safety. Read after write verifying is another reason. However, the drive never drops below 20 MB/s - an excellent result, which enables it for high-end streaming applications (audio or video editing). Using multi-drive setups like e.g. a RAID configuration can speed up the transfer rates even more.

  • dltaylor
    I owned one of these things back in the day! And let me tell you, listening to that spin up made you feel like you were starting a small jet. And yes, the clicking got old pretty quick if you're used to quietness.