A Look At SCSI-Performance: Fujitsu MAJ3364MC U160-SCSI

WinBench 99 - Disk Winmarks

Ziff David's Application-related Benchmark WinBench 99 shows a similar picture. The red lines represent the Business WinMark, while the yellow ones show the high-end results. Again the DGVS cannot impress at all any more.

Disk Operating Temperature

Heating up to 59° Celsius, IBM's colossus drive from 1998 is a sizzling affair which should definitely be cooled. The only one out of all four drives that I would operate without active cooling is the DeskStar 75GXP IDE. Surprisingly, the new Fujitsu drive does not get too hot if you consider the high rotation speed of 10,000 rpm.

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  • dltaylor
    I owned one of these things back in the day! And let me tell you, listening to that spin up made you feel like you were starting a small jet. And yes, the clicking got old pretty quick if you're used to quietness.