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A Look At SCSI-Performance: Fujitsu MAJ3364MC U160-SCSI

King Of IDE: IBM DTLA DeskStar 75GXP

We already reviewed the DTLA five months ago: Fastest IDE Hard Drive Ever: IBM Deskstar 75GXP

So far there is no drive available which would be able of taking the performance crown from it. However, there are some interesting alternatives:

The DTLA is very fast, reliable and no rake. Even though it runs at fast 7,200 rpm, the drive does not get very hot and its noise level is also more than just acceptable. Finally, the models at 30 and 45 GB are attractively priced.

IBM DTLA 307030 DeskStar 75GXP
Capacity30 GB
Number Of Platters2
Average Seek Time8.5 ms
Rotation Speed7,200 rpm
Buffer Size2 MB

That is the 40-pin IDE interface. Please note that cables used for UltraATA/66 and ATA/100 have 80 pins, even though the connector did not change for years.

IDE means Integrated Drive Electronics. However, there does not seem to be a lot of (discrete) electronics on this one. Both SCSI drives come with a bigger board.

  • dltaylor
    I owned one of these things back in the day! And let me tell you, listening to that spin up made you feel like you were starting a small jet. And yes, the clicking got old pretty quick if you're used to quietness.