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Which A88X-Based Board Should You Buy For Your Kaveri APU?

Gigabyte Software

Gigabyte’s EasyTune 6 doesn’t get its own page in this review because it does not yet work with this combination of motherboard, CPU and drivers. The company has acknowledged the issue and is working towards a solution in future EasyTune revisions.

The F2A88X-UP4 provides file and drive backup via Gigabyte Smart Recovery 2. Backups can be stored locally and remotely, and users unable to enter Windows can access those save points from the board’s installation DVD.

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Gigabyte On/Off Charge 2 enables quick-charge methods, but was originally named for the increased-amperage ports that Gigabyte keeps active when the system is powered down (and still plugged in).

Gigabyte @BIOS provides firmware updates from within Windows, and synchs to Gigabyte’s servers to search for new versions.

Gigabyte Face Wizard is designed to replace the factory boot logo (splash screen) with user-selected images up to 640x480 at 8-bit color.

Because it modifies firmware, Face Wizard should only be applied in conjunction with factory firmware settings.

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