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Which A88X-Based Board Should You Buy For Your Kaveri APU?

Tuning With Asus DIP 4

Wrapped within its AI Suite 3, Dual Intelligent Processors 4 opens to a status menu with several minor controls, such as power-saving profiles and a link to the fan controller software, plus an automatic overclocking algorithm.

The “TurboV Processing Unit” menu provides firmware-level voltage and clock controls from Windows, including the board’s full range of reference clock, CPU multiplier, and voltage levels for the DRAM and chipset, in addition to the CPU.

GPU Boost settings apply automatic tuning to the APU’s graphics engine.

The opposite of TPU, EPU lets you pick custom power-saving features that can drop clock rates and voltage at various loads.

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Also available in a firmware menu, Digi+ Power Control offers voltage compensation for changing core loads and amperage limit adjustments.

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Four levels of custom fan control are available to five of the A88X-Pro’s fan headers, and a “Fan Tuning” button allows the board to pick settings based on the thermal profile of your specific CPU.

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