AGP Platform Analysis, Part 1: New Cards, Old System


Prey shows us something a little different from the other titles. This benchmark graph is a little different than the others because we didn't capture the minimum frame rates, only the averages.

You can see on the grey graph, 1024x768 with 2xAA that the CPU has bottlenecked most of the new cards around 50 fps. The 9700 PRO squeezes out a playable 30 fps.

On the yellow graph, representing 1280x1024 with 4xAA and 8xAF we finally see a differentiator: The X1950 PROs start to flex their muscles and gain a sizable lead over the Geforce 7800 GS and 7600 GT. This is a bit ironic, since PREY is an OpenGL game that traditionally favors Geforce cards. The Geforces are still neck-and-neck with each other, and the 9700 PRO is rendered unplayable at these settings.