AGP Platform Analysis, Part 1: New Cards, Old System

Star Trek: Legacy

Here are some benchmarks of a new title, Star Trek: Legacy. At low detail and 1024x768 resolution, it's apparent that this is another CPU-bottlenecked title, with all of the new cards getting similar results. This title is really difficult to reliably benchmark, because there's no way to recreate the exact same battle twice, so there's bound to be some variance - that's probably why the top-end cards show inconsistency. Even though the 9700 PRO has a much lower frame rate than the rest, I'd still consider the game playable as it's not a 'twitch' game, rather more of an RTS.

At high detail, Star trek: Legacy is really a very attractive game, with graphical features like self-shadowing spaceships enabled. Even with the details increased and the resolution at 1280x1024, we see more of the same CPU bottlenecking. The 9700 PRO does not offer playable performance.