AMD's Opteron 250 vs. Intel's Xeon 3.6 GHz in a Workstation Duel of the Elite

One, Two, Four... Or How About Eight CPUs? Continued

The Opteron System works with DDR400 with a CAS latency time of 2 cycles.

AMD supports DDR400 memory, which must, however, be designed to be registered to keep the signal load low for the memory controller - this is the only way that permits the addition of numerous memory modules, which ultimately allow many gigabytes of RAM. ECC (Error Correcting Code) memory can be used - but it is not absolutely essential.

Technically the Opteron has its finger on the pulse of the current developments - MMX, SSE, SSE2, and AMD's 3DNow! are all supported, as is x86-64, the 64 bit instruction set. Each Opteron has a 64 kB L1 cache and 1 MB L2 cache.

CPU-Z correctly detects our Opterons in WindowsXP without prompting.

  • bgd73
    hey thanks for this. There is errors in the test, especially in memory speed of xeons, in fact, it is ridiculous. I am going for older 7525 chipset in CEB motherboard...these machines are just getting started. I be sure to go for HT. thanks.