AMD's Opteron 250 vs. Intel's Xeon 3.6 GHz in a Workstation Duel of the Elite


The video encoder TMpgEnc offers SSE3 support.

The third and last new feature of the Xeon Nocona compared to the Prestonia is Streaming Extensions 3 (SSE3), which, above all, can be used in the areas of audio and video, as well as in the scientific field, and, according to Intel, can ideally yield up to 50% more capacity.

Xeon price list for servers and workstations.

  • bgd73
    hey thanks for this. There is errors in the test, especially in memory speed of xeons, in fact, it is ridiculous. I am going for older 7525 chipset in CEB motherboard...these machines are just getting started. I be sure to go for HT. thanks.