AMD AM4 B350 Motherboard Price List

AMD's B350 Chipset

AMD's B350 chipset fills a unique position in the motherboard market. Similar to AMD's X-Series chipsets and Intel's Z-Series, the B350 chipset can overclock unlocked processors. However, it lacks other features, such as the ability to use the CPU's PCI-E lanes for multiple graphics cards. AMD's B350 primarily competes with Intel's H-Series chipsets.

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AMD AM4 300-Series Chipsets

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Header Cell - Column 0 Desktop ChipsetsSFF Chipsets
CPU PCI-E 3.0 Config Support1x16 or 2x81x161x161x16 or 2x81x16
Memory support (Channels/DIMMs Per Channel)DDR4 2667MHz (2/2)DDR4 2667MHz (2/2)DDR4 2667MHz (2/2)N/AN/A
CPU Overclocking Support
RAID Support 0/1/100/1 Only0/1 Only
Chipset Maximum PCI-E Lanes8 PCI-E 2.0 Lanes6 PCI-E 2.0 Lanes4 PCI-E 2.0 Lanes4 PCI-E 3.0 Lanes4 PCI-E 3.0 Lanes
USB Support (2.0/3.0/3.1 Gen2)6/6/26/2/26/2/10/4/00/4/0
SATA-III Ports (6Gb/s)64422

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  • chunkz
    In this list of 350 mobo's which one is best - in terms of faster fsb's and low heating and more features.....

    note - gonna use with ryzen- 1700x
  • ZolaIII
    19378594 said:
    In this list of 350 mobo's which one is best - in terms of faster fsb's and low heating and more features.....

    note - gonna use with ryzen- 1700x

    Well from those ones listed hire I would definitely go for a GIGABYTE GA-AB350-GAMING 3 for its price/performance/futures ratio.
    Most advertised futures are mostly gimmick in the real usage the one that certainly rises this one above others especially for a price is ALC 1120 audio which is actually useful in everyday usage. The rest is pretty much the same across the board & component layout is pretty good. Biggest "-" is Realtek network LAN card that is slow (but this is usual across the board) along with second & 3rd X16 PCI-E ports as second one is x4 & fird one only x1. The gimmick is that it supports crossfire with first & second but I don't find that useful at all especially as even seconds x4 one shares bandwidth with x1 one's. Would be much better that they simply put regular x4 port instead second X16 & that they didn't put 3rd one at all that way it would be useful for accelerator cards or PCI-E SSD's, this way you need to buy (reduction) bracket first. Also one difference is that this is only AM4 MB up to date with integrated display port's for integrated graphics (on Crystal Bridge APU's along with upcoming one's) so it will be pretty much future prof.
    All in all pretty good for $110 & good luck in catching one as they are pretty much out of stock.

    By the way I would probably go for regular 1700 for 70$ less.

    Best regards.
  • WhyAreYou
    The chipsets look nice
  • kyle382
    too bad my case only accepts mITX :{