Exclusive: New AMD Radeon 3400 HD Series

Source: Tom's Hardware Taiwan.

Our team in Taiwan has managed to obtain some additional information concerning the soon to be announced AMD Radeon 3400 HD product line. The Radeon 3470 HD and Radeon 3450 HD are expected to be outfitted respectively with the following GPUs (graphics processing units): an 800 MHz RV620 Pro and a 600 MHz RV620 LE. The GPUs use a TSMC 55 nm process, have 181 million transistors, and 40 SPUs (Stream Processing Units). They use a programming model that applies a relatively small instruction set to a very large data set.

Both models have 256 MB of memory on a 64-bit bus, the Radeon 3470 HD will have 950 MHz GDDR3 memory, the Radeon 3450 HD will have DDR2 500 MHz memory manufactured by Hynix. This is not the only difference between these two cards: both the HD Radeon 3450 and 3470 are compatible with CrossFireX technology. However, only the 3470 has a CrossFire connector.

The Radeon 3470 HD will have the profile of a classic graphics card, while the Radeon 3450 HD will have a "low-profile". The Radeon 3450 HD and 3470 should be formally launched this year on January 23.

Radeon 3470 HD

Radeon 3450 HD

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