Apricorn Aegis Mini 60 GB

Write Transfer Rates


At 60 GB maximum capacity the Aegis Mini may not offer enough storage space for lots of audio or video content. At its 20 MB/s data transfer rates and 21.9 ms access time it is not one of the fastest external storage devices either - yet performance is well within the range we would expect from a 1.8" hard drive. The product has a neat design, a very small footprint, a smart solution to stow the USB connector and the box content includes lots of software that adds a lot of value to a storage device.

Apricorn offers a one year warranty, which is very much standard today. Still we would love to see at least a two year warranty, since we're talking about a device that will hold your valuable data.


- great software
- good performance for a 1.8" device
- integrated USB cable


- not exactly a bargain at ~ $210

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