Aspire's LAN Party Proud X-Qpack Case

Show Off What Is Inside!

Apsire obviously had both gamers and case modders in mind when it designed its easy-to-carry X-Qpack case. The front side of the case, for example, includes a built-in flip-out handle, to make the box that much easier to schlep to your next LAN party. Its three large transparent windows (on the left and right sides), as well as the case's top, are great for showing off a PC's modifications and embellishments inside, such as those fancy glowing fans or special lighting effects. Its large dimensions of 11.02 x 21.85 x 10.04" (280 x 555 x 255 mm) also make room for plenty of hardware inside.

Any micro ATX or baby AT motherboard will fit inside this case, but besides motherboard, CPU and RAM, there's plenty of room for drives as well. Two 5.25" and three 3.5" drives pose no problems for this lightweight, mostly aluminum case. Thus, although it weighs only 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg) empty, this relative lack of heft changes quickly once you build out a PC inside this case.

The XQ-Pack's retail packaging

In addition to a blue version, the X-Qpack also comes in seven other colors.

Siggy Moersch