Aspire's LAN Party Proud X-Qpack Case

Test Installation

Simple hardware build-out

Mounting PC hardware inside this case is very simple. Once the system tray is out of the case, the motherboard, graphics card and CPU with the cooler may all be installed outside the confines of the case. Once everything is fastened into place, you only have to slide the tray back into the case, and lock it down with screws. After that, the only remaining task is to cable up the case’s front ports to the proper pin blocks on the motherboard, and wire up the on/off switch and indicator lights. Taken together, both drive cages provide room for up to two 5.25" and three 3.5" drives. Both optical drives get a firm grip from the aluminum rails in the base, but the drive cage for the two internal 3.5" drives (the third is accessible externally to permit it to accommodate a floppy drive if one is wanted) is a pretty shaky assembly even when outfitted with two drives.

You can download a video that shows just how shaky the hard disk cage really is :

Download Video

Download clip : rattling the hard disk cage (in DivX format)

Download clip : rattling the hard disk case (in WMV9 format)

If the video won’t play, you’ll want to download and install the compatible application - namely, either Divx Player or Microsoft Media Player, depending on which format you choose.

We built the following hardware into the Aspire X-QPack case :

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Header Cell - Column 0 VendorModelSpecifications
MotherboardBiostarTForce 6100-939Nforce 610 Chipset
ProcessorAMDAthlon64 3200+Socket 939, 2 GHz
Graphics cardGigabyteGV-RX60X128VRadeon X300, PCI-Express
RAMCorsairXMSSD-DDR, 2x 512 MHz, 667 MHz
Hard disksMaxtor, IBMDiamontMax Plus9, Deskstar200 + 185 GByte, ATA-133,
CD driveASUSCD-S52052X
Power SupplyAspireATX-AS420W420 Watts
CPU coolerCoolermasterSocket 939Low-Profile

Once everything is installed, we slide the tray back into the case

Two 3.5" hard disks are mounted off to the side

Siggy Moersch