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Asus A8N-SLI Premium Allows SLI to be Enabled in Software

A8N-SLI Premium In Detail, Continued

A8N-SLI Premium (Rev. 1.01)
Platformsocket 939
NorthbridgeNvidia nForce 4 Ultra
BIOS1001 (02/16/2005)
MemoryDDR266 to 500
USB 2.04 / 4
IEEE1394/Firewire1 / 1
Serial COM Portnone / 1
Parallel LPT Port1 / none
Gamenone / 1
LAN2 / none
WLANnone / none
SATA8 / none
Audio analog8 / none
Audio digital2 / none
ConnectorsOnboard Only
PCIe 16x2
PCIe 4x1
PCIe 1x1
IDE (PATA)2 (4 channels)
Fan 4 pins (CPU)1
Fan 3 pins (System)3
Mass Storage Controller
NF4 Ultra2x IDE (ATA100)4x SATA (RAID 0,1,0+1)
Silicon Image 3114 CT4x SATA (RAID 0,1,0+1, JBOD)
Broadcom Marvell 88E8001 PCIe1x 1 Gbit/s LAN
Broadcom Marvell 88E1111 PCI1x 1 Gbit/s LAN
Realtek ALC850 5.1AC97
TSB43AB22A2x 1394a (400 Mbit/s)

These voltage regulator heat sinks are cooled by the CPU fan air flow.

'EZ Plug' needs to be used for all graphics cards that do not come with their own auxiliary power port, such as the GeForce 6600GT. The red LED will flash if the power cable is not inserted.

The board comes with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, powered by Marvell chips. However, only one of them uses NVIDIA's ActiveArmor firewall.

Eight SATA ports should be more than sufficient.