Asus, DFI, MSI Give Mobos The Crossfire Treatment

Asus A8R-MVP

Board Revision: 1.02

BIOS Version: AMI, (ver. 0201 dated 11/04/2005)

When we had a look at both ATI and NVIDIA's dual graphics chipset solutions, the A8R-MVP was the Crossfire motherboard we chose for our tests. This is because the nForce4 SLI X16 mobo also came from Asus and that it uses ULi's latest Southbridge M1575, while offering a good overall value.

The A8R-MVP was not designed to fulfill the highest-end requirements, as it "only" has a three-phase voltage regulator and comes with a decent amount of additional components rather than the regular interface overkill that ultra high-end mobos offer. In addition, it targets the upgrade user rather than those who seek a sophisticated motherboard, because the only x1 PCI Express slot on the motherboard will be useless as soon as you install a dual-slot graphics card such as a Radeon X850XT or X1800XT. In exchange, you will always be able to use at least two 32 Bit PCI slots in order to accommodate your additional hardware.