Asus, DFI, MSI Give Mobos The Crossfire Treatment

Feature Table

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ModelA8R-MVPRDX200 CF-DRRD480 Neo2
BIOS Version02012005-11-02080012
CPU Clock240624002412
NorthbridgeATI Radeon Xpress 200 CrossfireATI Radeon Xpress 200 CrossfireATI Radeon Xpress 200 Crossfire
SouthbridgeULi1575ATI SB450ULi1573
Memory Sockets444
Maximum RAM4 GB DDR4004 GB DDR4004 GB DDR400
System Components
Piezo PC Speaker-yes-
PCIe Card Lockyes--
Northbridge Fan-yes-
FAN HeadersCPU, System (2x)CPU, System (3x)CPU, System (x2)
I/O Components
Mass Storage ControllerUli M1575ATI SB450Uli M1573
Storage Ports4x SATA2, 2x UltraATA/1004x SATA2, 2x UltraATA/1004x SATA2, 2x UltraATA/100
RAID Support0, 1, 0+10, 10, 1
Secondary Mass Storage Controller-SiL3114CT176-
Secondary Storage Ports-4x SATA-
RAID Support-0, 1, 0+1, 5-
Primary Network ControllerMarvell 88E8001 PCIMarvell 88E8053 PCIeRealtek 8110SB PCI
Secondary Network Controller-Marvell 88E8001 PCI-
Parallel / Serial1 / 10 / connector1 / 1
USB Ports (integrated / additional)4 / 44 / 24 / 4
Firewire (integrated / additional)1 / 11 / 11 / 2
Game Portconnector--
IR Connector-connectorconnector
Expansion Components
PCI Slots332
PCI Express2 x16, 1 x12 x16, 1 x12 x16, 2 x1
Temperature Monitoringyesyesyes
Fan Monitoringyesyesyes
Smart/Manual Fan Controlyes / noyes / noyes / no
Voltage Monitoringyesyesyes
Power-Up on...RTC, Modem, PS/2, PCIRTC, PCIRTC, PCIe, PCI, PS/2
Power-Up after Power Lossyesyesyes
On-Board Audio
ChipADI AD1986ARealtek ALC882Realtek ALC880
Surround Support5.17.17.1
Jackets3x Jacks, SPDIF coax out6x Jacks, SPDIF coax in & out5x Jacks, SPDIF optical out
Connectors5x2 pin Front Audio, 2x CD-in5x2 pin Front Audio, CD-in5x2 pin Front Audio, CD-in
BIOS Details
Version / Date2005-11-04Row 48 - Cell 2 2005-10-25
FSB Frequency Range / increments200-400200-500200-350
Memory Frequencies100,133,166,188,200100,120,133,140,150,166,180,200100,133,166,200
PCIe Clock100-150-100-200
CPU Voltage0.8V-1.35V; increments 0.025V2.4%-36% Overvoltage; increments 2.4%+750mV; increments 50mV
Memory Voltage2.65V 2.7V 2.75V 2.8V 2.85V 2.9V 3V 3.1V2.4V 2.46V 2.51V 2.55V 2.6V 2.65V 2.7V 2.75V 2.8V 2.84V 2.9V 2.94V 2.99V up to 4.03V2.5V 2.85V increments 0.05V
Chipset Voltage1.2V-1.5V increments 0.1V1.2V-1.5V increments 0.1V1.2V-1.5V 0.05V
Cables2x PATA , 2x SATA, 2x SATA Power, 1x Floppy2x PATA , 4x SATA, 4x SATA Power, 1x Floppy1x PATA , 1x SATA, 1x SATA Power, 1x Floppy
Additional Add-OnsBracket with 2x USB & Gameport, Bracket with 2x FirewireRow 58 - Cell 2 Bracket with 2x USB