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ASUS P4R800V Deluxe

Almost Too Good For Plain 2D Graphics

The new ASUS P4R800V Deluxe is based on the ATI Radeon IGP-9100 chipset. With DirectX-8.1 support, the onboard graphics solution is suitable for simple games or office applications. But with a 3D-Shooter such as UT2003, the graphics performance is more than just modest. As with all onboard graphics chips, you shouldn't expect any great 3D power here either. Nevertheless, the chipset is faster than solutions from Intel or SIS. Only the nForce2 is a shade faster. Additionally, the P4R800V Deluxe has an AGP-8x slot, which means that you can always upgrade to a better graphics card. The memory interface of the IGP-9100 chipset supports dual channel for DDR memory. The board can manage up to 4 GB of main memory. The retail price is just under $100, which is rather inexpensive for its deluxe features.

Click onto the image to enlarge. The P4R800-V Deluxe supports all P4 processors, including the new Prescott CPU.

All important connections are on the I/O panel.

Control center: the ATI Radeon IGP-9100 chipset