Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD Review: Solid Gaming and HDR Performance

Packed with 144 Hz, Adaptive-Sync, ELMB blur reduction, extended color and HDR

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U
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(Image: © Asus)

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When it comes to gaming image quality, the discussion of pixel density versus motion resolution is an ongoing debate. Packing 8.3 million pixels into a 28-inch screen certainly creates density, 157 pixels per inch of it. But with frame rates capped at 144 Hz, there will always be a little softness when objects or backgrounds move quickly. A 27-inch QHD screen may only deliver 109ppi but if it runs at 240 Hz, it will maintain sharper detail in moving objects.

There is no shortage of choices in the Ultra HD monitor category. 144 Hz will satisfy most gamers, including me. If a display adds in superior video processing, the image quality is better. Asus has achieved this with its TUF Gaming VG28U. Including ELMB Sync allows the monitor to effectively run a backlight strobe in concert with Adaptive-Sync, setting itself apart from most competitors that cannot do this.

(Image credit: Asus)

Though only available in SDR mode, the AS with backlight strobe feature is a high-value element. Even with maximum processing power in your PC, you will see frame tears at 144 Hz without either FreeSync or G-Sync running. You can get away with that at over 200fps, but Ultra HD isn’t there yet. The VG28U also sets itself apart with superior HDR. It isn’t quite at the level of a full-array local dimming panel, but with selective edge dimming, it looks better than monitors with no HDR dynamic contrast feature. And if you want to retain the AS/ELMB processing in SDR mode and increase contrast, Asus’ Dynamic Dimming option works well. Or you can use the well-implemented overdrive. In every case, you will enjoy gaming on the VG28U thanks to its top-shelf video processing.

Oh yeah, and the picture is pretty good too. Though it is a bit off the mark at default settings, a simple grayscale calibration produces reference level accuracy. 85% coverage of DCI-P3 means plenty of saturation, and spot-on gamma creates excellent perceived contrast and an even-toned image rich with detail.

There is nearly nothing to complain about here. As an Ultra HD monitor, the Asus TUF Gaming VG28U sits firmly in the premium price category at $800. But it delivers plenty of value with a favorable price/performance ratio. For high-resolution gaming, it’s clearly worth checking out.

Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors. Christian began his obsession with tech when he built his first PC in 1991, a 286 running DOS 3.0 at a blazing 12MHz. In 2006, he undertook training from the Imaging Science Foundation in video calibration and testing and thus started a passion for precise imaging that persists to this day. He is also a professional musician with a degree from the New England Conservatory as a classical bassoonist which he used to good effect as a performer with the West Point Army Band from 1987 to 2013. He enjoys watching movies and listening to high-end audio in his custom-built home theater and can be seen riding trails near his home on a race-ready ICE VTX recumbent trike. Christian enjoys the endless summer in Florida where he lives with his wife and Chihuahua and plays with orchestras around the state.

  • ssj3rd
    „Excellent HDR“ with HDR400? Hmmmm
    You can’t be serious
  • peachpuff
    ssj3rd said:
    „Excellent HDR“ with HDR400? Hmmmm
    You can’t be serious
    Indeed, hdr is junk at that price.