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AMD Athlon 5350 And AM1 Platform Review: Kabini In A Socket

Productivity Benchmarks

Our productivity-oriented tasks also present single- and multi-threaded workloads, all of which are fairly common on an average desktop system. The benchmarks we run on this page include printing a PowerPoint presentation to PDF, optical character recognition on a scanned document, and photo editing.

Again, the Athlon 5350 bests Intel's Celeron J1900 by somewhere between 5-15%. It does appear that Silvermont trails by less in more heavily-threaded jobs, while the single-threaded measurements yield a larger win for AMD.

There are two components to this test. The red line reflects a series of threaded filters that fully utilize the host processor. Intel's Celeron takes the win there. The other leverages completely different OpenCL-accelerated filters, which AMD's on-board graphics engine tears through.