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Athlon XP Meets P4: A Comparison Of All CPUs

Testing Procedure: Peculiarities, Continued

The picture shows the test system set-up for all the AMD Athlon XP processors.

The picture shows the test system set-up for all the Intel Pentium 4 processors.

Benchmarks: 19 Rigorous Tests

OpenGL PerformanceQuake 3 Arena "Demo 1" and "NV15 Demo"
Direct3D Performance3D Mark 2000 and 3D Mark 2001
3D RenderingCinema 4D XL R6 "Shading"
3D RenderingSPECviewperf "Lightscape"
MP3 Audio EncodingLame MP3 Encoder
MPEG-2 Video EncodingPinnacle Studio 7
MPEG-4 Video EncodingFlask Mpeg 0.6 and DivX 4.02 codec
Office PerformanceSysmark 2001
ArchivingWinACE 2.04
Compiling Linux KernelSuse Linux 7.3 (Kernel 2.4.13)
SiSoft Sandra 2001CPU and Multimedia Bench

Since we want to convey the widest spectrum possible of practical benchmarks, we performed all the tests under Windows XP and completely re-configured the tests. In total, we used 19 different benchmarks in order to obtain the most complete, the most well-balanced view of how each individal AMD and Intel processor performs. We continued to determine OpenGL performance using four different Quake tests - Direct3D performance from the DirectX package is determined using the 3D Mark 2000 (Direct X 7) and the 3D Mark 2001 (DirectX8). The different MPEG-encoding benchmarks portray a comprehensive testing scenario - the Lame MP3 Encoder was used to encode a 178 MB Wav file into "MPEG-1 Layer 3 Format." Still a classic, our MPEG-4 test converts a file from a DVD film into MPEG-4 format using Flask Mpeg and DivX codec. A new addition to our benchmark suite is MPEG-2 file encoding using the video editing software "Pinnacle Studio 7."

  • salem80
    Good thing to read the history ..........
  • stascom
    i'm playing around with some old hardware (A-XP 1600+, 512MB, 9600XT), and this is nice to read. Nostalgic, if you will. As fun, as it is to play BC2 on my 6-core Phenom and HD6870, there is just something exciting about getting an old machine running with some of the highest end hardware of its day. I have a P-III machine with Voodoo 3 running Unreal with Glide, how often do you see that? :P
  • stascom
    oh, and thank you, TH, for keeping all if this content live. even images! :D