Athlon XP Meets P4: A Comparison Of All CPUs

Direct3D Performance - DirectX 7: 3D Mark 2000

3D Mark 2000 determines DirectX 7's Direct3D performance under Windows XP. The diagram shows that all AMD processors come out better than the Intel CPUs. Interestingly, the older Athlon 1400 comes out ahead of the Athlon XP 1500+. The front-runner is the Athlon XP 1800+.

Direct3D Performance - DirectX 8: 3D Mark 2001

3D Mark 2001 determines DirectX 8's Direct3D performance under Windows XP. Once again, the Athlon XP 1800+ is the king of the hill. The Pentium 4/2000 doesn't even enter the picture until fourth place.

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  • salem80
    Good thing to read the history ..........
  • stascom
    i'm playing around with some old hardware (A-XP 1600+, 512MB, 9600XT), and this is nice to read. Nostalgic, if you will. As fun, as it is to play BC2 on my 6-core Phenom and HD6870, there is just something exciting about getting an old machine running with some of the highest end hardware of its day. I have a P-III machine with Voodoo 3 running Unreal with Glide, how often do you see that? :P
  • stascom
    oh, and thank you, TH, for keeping all if this content live. even images! :D