ATi's New Radeon - Smart Technology Meets Brute Force

Driver Interface, Continued

Here you have the slew of OpenGL options ranging from VSYNC to FSAA enabling. You'll notice that you can only toggle the FSAA option on but not adjust it. The driver forces a 4X Super Sampling mode if you enable FSAA.

Our Direct3D options are rather scarce but you'll most likely only need a couple of them. The FSAA option is once again not adjustable but instead locked at a 4X Super Sampling mode.

The options window provides you with basic driver information as well as the ability to toggle the taskbar shortcuts to the display property adjustments.

Overall the ATi driver interface is nearly identical to what we've seen in the Rage Fury MAXX. The interface is clean and simple but gives users everything they'll need for the most part. Our power-users will probably be more inclined to download and use Powerstrip if they need such added functionality.