ATi's New Radeon - Smart Technology Meets Brute Force

Range Based Fog

The long list of the Pixel Tapestry Engine's features ends with the range based fog. This one is simple to understand. While the older technique of depth-based fog defines its 'fogginess' by the depth of an object, range-based fog defines it by its distance from to the viewer.

Radeon's Video Features

You certainly remember ATi's long tradition for MPEG2, DVD, DTV and HDTV support and so Radeon can of course take advantage of the latest developments that ATi has made in this area as well. Instead of going on about all the video details of Radeon, I will simply state that so far ATi cards have always been the best integrated video solution available and I doubt that it will be any different with Radeon.

Here's a short list of Radeon's video features:

  • Hardware Motion Compensation
  • IDCT / DCT
  • Subpicture
  • 4x4-tap Horizontal and Vertical Filtered Scaling
  • Adaptive Per-Pixel De-Interlacing
  • 8-bit Alpha Blending of Video and Graphics
  • Direct Support of All DTV formats in their Native Resolution, Up to 1920x1080