ATi's New Radeon - Smart Technology Meets Brute Force

Card Details

ATi's new Radeon cards are supposed to start shipping right now. The 32 MB versions are supposed to cost around $279 US, the 64 MB version will be around $349 US. Initially the Radeon cards will only be available without video in/out, but in August ATi will start to supply cards with this feature as well. September holds another new Radeon card, the Radeon SDR. This card is supposed to be only 10-15% slower than the cards with DDR memory, but it will go for only $199. A little bit later on you will finally be able to get ATi's famous 'All-In-Wonder' solution of the Radeon as well, which will include a TV-tuner, EPG software and all the other nifty video functions, as e.g. a programmable fully digital MPEG2 video recorder function with time shifting.

These are the details of our test card:

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ChipATi Radeon / Rage 6
Chip Clock183 MHz
Power Consumption6 W
Process.18 micron
Memory5.5 ns DDR SDRAM (Hyundai)
Memory Clock183 MHz
Amount of Memory64 MB
RAMDAC Clock350 MHz