ATi's Radeon 8500 Is Final Or Something Like That ...

B - Game Scores

In this benchmark Radeon 8500 is able to shine at the low-detail setting only, while the high-detail setting is putting all DX8.x cards on the same level.

Dragothic seems to be a pro-ATi benchmark. Radeon 7500 as well as Radeon 8500 are able to outclass the competition.

The Lobby-Demo paints a slightly different picture. While te Radeon cards are able to stay ahead of the competition in low-detail, Radeon 8500 falls behind GeForce3 Ti500 at the high-detail setting.

Radeon 8500 is far behind the GeForce3-competition in this DX8 benchmark. ATi says that this behavior is due to the pure DX8-optimization of 'Nature'. MadOnion is supposedly working on a DX8.1 version, which will show Radeon 8500 in a much better light. Let's wait and see.

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