ATi Hits Back (Again) with Mid-Range X700 line, Driver Tweak

Unreal Tournament 2004

Here we used our own pre-recorded timedemo. It takes place in Assault mode in the level FallenCity - without Bots. The in-game quality settings are set to maximum quality.

In UT2004 the X700 XT can't quite match the scores of the GeForce 6600 GT. With A.I. deactivated, the card's scores drop slightly.

Unreal Tournament 2004 - 4x FSAA & 8x Aniso

The same test as before. Here, 4xFSAA und 8x anisotropic filtering were forced through the driver.

At first the X700 XT trails the GeForce 6600 GT but can finally overtake it in 1600x1200. Here the X700 XT's performance is slightly higher with A.I. switched off - a result of the texture analysis which doesn't filter the texture stages beyond stage 0 with only a bilinear filter when activated.