ATi Hits Back (Again) with Mid-Range X700 line, Driver Tweak


3DMark 2003

We tested 3DMark 2003 in the default configuration. In one run, 4xFSAA and 8x anisotropic filtering are activated through the driver, in the second they remain deactivated.

In 3DMark 2003, the X700 XT is practically neck and neck with the GeForce 6600 GT. ATI's Catalyst A.I. performance optimizations don't seem to have any effect here.

Aquamark 3

In AquaMark 3 the X700 XT has a slight edge over the GeForce 6600 GT. As the comparisons with the X800 XT shows, ATI has been able to squeeze some more performance out of the drivers since the Catalyst 4.8.