ATi Hits Back (Again) with Mid-Range X700 line, Driver Tweak

Doom3 - High Quality

In Doom3, we used Demo1 which comes with the game set to High Quality settings and with all other features activated (except FSAA). 8x anisotropic filtering is activated by default in this setting.

Despite the new A.I. optimizations, the X700 XT still doesn't reach the performance levels of the GeForce 6600 GT in Doom 3. Turning the A.I. optimizations off also has a very detrimental effect on performance.

Doom3 - High Quality + 4x FSAA

The same settings as before, but with 4x FSAA activated as well.

The GeForce 6600 GT is still at a clear advantage even with FSAA enabled. The influence of A.I. is only marginal here.