ATi Hits Back (Again) with Mid-Range X700 line, Driver Tweak

FarCry - Very High

Since Ubisoft has officially withdrawn the FarCry Patch v1.2, we ran our tests using version 1.1 with the Cooler01 demo. The flashlight is turned on in our benchmark runs. The quality was set to the "Very High" preset through the game's configuration tool.

The X700 XT is hot on the heels of the GeForce 6600 GT in FarCry, at least as long as A.I. is turned on. Although FarCry is not on ATi's list of games with special A.I. optimizations, the X700 XT still shows a marked performance drop-off when the optimizations are switched off.

FarCry - Very High + 4x FSAA & 4x Aniso

Again, we used the same settings as in the previous run but enabled 4x FSAA through the in-game configuration menu. (In the case of the ATI cards, we had to force 4x FSAA through the driver's control panel, since 4xFSAA was not available through the game's menu). We also enabled 4x anisotropic filtering (highest setting available in the configuration menu).

Once again the GeForce 6600 GT leads the X700 XT by a hair's breadth.