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Bandwidth For The Masses! VIA P4X333 with DDR333 and AGP 8x

Benchmark Results

We ran a total of 25 benchmarks in order to give you a balanced, overall picture of how the P4X333s perform. Please note that all benchmarks were performed with Intel's latest Pentium 4, the 2.53 GHz model, running at 133 MHz FSB. Due to time limitations, we were not able to re-test all other chipsets for this review, so we chose one main competitor instead.

We chose to pit the i850E against P4X333 for three reasons: First, neither its predecessor P4X266A nor the Intel 845D can run DDR333 at the same pace. Secondly, none of them is able to run the Pentium 4 at 133 MHz FSB, and thirdly, Intel is going to release the renewed 845 chipset with support for DDR333 and FSB133 next week anyway.

Processor Clock