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The Battle of the Gaming PC Titans


ABS sent us their M6 to put through the paces, and right out of the box, there was a problem: The RAID array was out of configuration at startup. We later attributed the problem to an unseated cable that probably came loose during shipping. However, all of the king's horse and all the king's men could not rebuild the array back together again.

To their credit, ABS included an image of the array. Once we reset the RAID array, the re-imaging process was a breeze. A little dab of hot glue can easily stop this from occurring - which represents a simple yet cheap fix. The other option we have seen is to use SATA cables with secure connects.

ABS allows their customers many options when building their system. Their real time online pricing and stocking information make it easy to see exactly what is available at that moment and how much it will cost. Our system came with the best retail parts money can buy, except for the pair of NVIDIA reference cards - which money cannot buy.

The system also came with a host of game titles which would make this a fun machine from the second you opened the box. Overall, the ABS is a solid system and an attractive buy.


  • Good price for performance
  • Options Galore
  • Retail Parts (Except GPUs)
  • 30 day full refund RMA
  • Restoration Image Disk
  • Games included in the package


  • Reference Cards
  • Restocking Fee