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The Battle of the Gaming PC Titans

Falcon Northwest Mach V

We think that Falcon is another manufacturer that is capable of creating some of the greatest systems money can buy. They are pricey, they are fast and are completely backed with the Falcon brand name. Their service is the best in the industry when it comes to shipping a system back for repairs. Their phone representatives have at least one year of experience in the assembly process. Every system is tagged so if it comes back, the same tech will fix it. Not only is Falcon's name on the line but the tech's name is listed as well.

The system came overclocked and Falcon condones this practice so much that they warranty all of their systems to run at the specs they send them out with. They only used quality parts and do not skimp on the details. Their case painting, cutting, detailing, cabling and overall package is elite. People have used Falcon as the standard in the high-end market for some time. Yes, they are veterans, but they have only gotten better over time.

Auto finish paint job... nice!

The drawbacks to the Falcon systems we reviewed were the reference cards they used and the instability in specific situations. This should not deter you from looking into their systems. Like Alienware, they pushed the envelope for this review and got their feathers singed like Icarus and got too close (to the overclocking limit with these benches).


  • Customization Available
  • Stellar Performance
  • Warranty
  • Overclocked
  • Customer Service
  • Accessories
  • Name Recognition
  • Paint
  • Cabling
  • Hand-holding during the ordering Process


  • The instability at configured clocks in the synthetic benchmarks
  • Price
  • Reference Graphics Cards