The Battle of the Gaming PC Titans

CyberPower Gamer Ultra XLC

Cyberpower built us a good rig, but that was about it - it is merely average. Average price, average performance : there was nothing really that special about this system. This is more of a system we feel a DIY enthusiast could build without a problem and get nearly similar results.

We were disappointed about the use of NVIDIA reference cards and we also felt that the cabling in this system was not up to par. There was no thought or consideration that went into how the cabling was laid out.

Cyber Power was one of two systems that supplied speakers. The Creative Inspire P7800 Dolby 7.1 speakers were a good match to the Creative Audigy 2ZS sound card.


  • Price
  • Customization Available
  • Reference Cards
  • Average Performance
  • Low Price
  • Water Cooled


  • Fans too loud with current water cooling configuration
  • The instability with too much heat
  • Reference Cards
  • Cabling was only "okay"