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Battlefield 4 Beta Performance: 16 Graphics Cards, Benchmarked

Results: High Quality, 1680x1050

Now we shift from Low to High detail at 1680x1050. As mentioned, we're skipping the Medium preset entirely because it didn't give us any perceptible performance advantage compared to High.

Aside from the texture and model detail improvements we get in this transition, the High preset adds deferred anti-aliasing and HBAO ambient occlusion.

All of these cards maintain more than 30 FPS, but AMD's Radeon HD 7770 struggles more than the rest to stay above that boundary.

Frame rate over time charting shows that the Radeon HD 7770 shifts between 35 and 45 FPS over the course of the test. This is acceptable, even for a fast-paced shooter, though we naturally prefer more powerful solutions that don't drop below 40 FPS. The 7770's advantage is that it's the cheapest card on our chart by a significant margin.

Frame time variance hurts the Radeon HD 7770's story. It regularly pops above 15 ms using the High preset, which we've seen as noticeable latency in blind testing. You don't want numbers that high if you're sensitive to stutter. On the other hand, the rest of the solutions fare quite well.