Beefed Up BX? - Five Boards with 815/Solano Chipset

Abit SE6 (ICH2)

The Abit SE6 offers 6 PCI slots and numerous possibilities for overclocking. Utilizing the Ultra-DMA/100 functionality requires a BIOS update.

Apart from the MSI MS-6337, the Abit SE6 also had the ICH2 chip (Solano 2) onboard. The SE6 is shipped in a package that contains all necessary cables and the technical manual. Compared to all other contestants the manual has deserved some praise as the numerous chapters describe the board functions and settings extensively and in great detail. All clock frequencies and voltages for processor and memory can be adjusted in the softmenu. OEM customers may also use the DIP switches for all settings. Unfortunately they are not labeled. An optional card allows you to output the video signal directly to a digital LCD. This board is not going to disappoint overclockers. The Front Side Bus as well as the memory clock can be operated beyond specification, enabling clock rates of up to 153 MHz for the FSB. Regarding performance the Abit SE6 positions itself at the upper end of the middle field, but the MSI MS-6337 is faster in almost all benchmark disciplines.

Unfortunately the settings for the DIP switches are not labeled, thus requiring the user to consult the technical manual.