Beefed Up BX? - Five Boards with 815/Solano Chipset

Azza 815TX (ICH1)

The company Azza is still unknown in some countries. During the test this board did not reveal any outstanding features, and the equipment is average.

The Taiwanese company Azza is still rather unknown in some countries. The external packaging of the boards stands out due to its colorful design. However, the board does not follow suit. It contains many small SMD components (especially a lot of resistors) that seem to correct a bad design. The technical manual is much too brief, and lacks concrete descriptions for all BIOS settings. The Azza comes in two versions, the 815TX with two USB ports, and the 815TX5 with 4 USB ports. The board is less flexible regarding the memory clock settings: The memory clock can be operated at 133 MHz, but only in conjunction with a Front Side Bus of 133 MHz. If a FSB clock of 66 MHz is used, the memory clock is automatically set to 100 MHz. Because of its limited settings for the FSB and memory clock, this board is less suited for overclocking. Also missing is an option for increasing the CPU core voltage step by step. The board only offers a function for raising the voltage statically by 0.05 Volts. During the benchmark tests the Azza finishes in one of the last places. The board layout is definitely the main reason why this board does not perform as well as the top candidates in this test.