Beefed Up BX? - Five Boards with 815/Solano Chipset

MSI MS-6337 (ICH2)

Many features and very well equipped: The MSI MS-6337 offers 6 PCI slots, 4 DIMMs and multi-color diagnosis LEDs. The performance is not too bad either. Numerous features for overclocking round off the positive picture.

Along with the Fujitsu-Siemens D1184, the MSI MS-6337 is clearly one of the top candidates. The board comes in a colorful and functional package. Because of the ICH2 chip the board is capable of addressing both IDE channels with Ultra-DMA/100. It offers very flexible settings for Front Side Bus and memory clock: It allows clock rates up to 153 MHz adjustable in small steps. Increasing the core voltage is an important overclocking feature to ensure stable operation of a processor near the limit. The system diagnosis consisting of four multi-color LEDs is helpful for finding hardware errors. We did not encounter any problems during the test, and the MSI MS-6337 ran very stable.

The MSI MS-6337 is equipped with four multi-color diagnosis LEDs to indicate hardware errors.