Beefed Up BX? - Five Boards with 815/Solano Chipset

Chaintech 6OJV (ICH1)

The Chaintech 60 JV is equipped with a total of 6 PCI slots, and also comes in a dual BIOS version. The system status of the board may be monitored acoustically, but after just a few seconds the acoustic output is very unnerving.

The Chaintech 60JV is shipped in a plain vanilla package. A first glance reveals a technical guide that is much too brief: the inexperienced user gets very little support in installing the board. Additionally, detailed descriptions of the clock settings for Front Side Bus and memory in the BIOS are missing, as well as the explanations for all onboard connectors. Labeling the onboard connectors seems to be a recurring problem for Chaintech. As in numerous previous tests of other Chaintech boards, this board is also lacking the labels for important pins. This test candidate is equipped with only one BIOS chip - but the board also comes in a dual BIOS version. During the test we experienced memory problems at irregular intervals. The board did not like the setting CL2 (CAS Latency 2), an adjustment to CL3 remedied this problem for good. However, this fact is the reason for the relatively low benchmark results.

On the Chaintech 60JV important pins are not labeled, so the user must look them up in the technical handbook.