Bluetooth: A Rundown

Synchronous, Asynchronous And Voice/ Data

The choice of link depends on the type of data sent. Synchronous links have a two-way rate of 432 kbps. The rate being equal on both sides, the links will be used to let two computers communicate, but their relevance is limited. More typical are asynchronous connections of 721 kbps one way and 57.6 kbps the other, as on a printer which can receive large amounts of data but which doesn't need to send much to the PC, apart from indicating that the data has arrived in good order.

But even asynchronous communications have their drawbacks, particularly with regard to discontinuity in transmission, so they are not suitable for speech. For this, the best is a two-way voice/ data link, of no more than 64 kbps on both sides. This rate, for sending and receiving, is adequate for transmitting voices and any digital sound file to be reconstituted in real time, like on a Bluetooth headset.

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse Set

The Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth is a top-range, high-performance keyboard and mouse set which works like a dream. It is ergonomic, communicates flawlessly and plugs unobtrusively into a laptop. And you can also connect other Bluetooth devices to it.