Brave New World: Operating IDE Hard Drives on SCSI Host Adapters

Obligation To IDE And SCSI: Acard Technology

Besides the IDE-to-SCSI adapters presented below, Acard mainly deals in SCSI and IDE controllers and all associated products, as well as unusual storage solutions including, for instance, CD or DVD copying stations.

From Acard too: dual channel IDE-RAID controller AEC-6880.

AEC7722: The Bridge Between IDE And SCSI

A quaint component: the IDE-to-SCSI adapter AEC7722 - here seen from the front.

The adapter is just about as wide as a 5.25" drive and is plugged straight into the IDE device. The current on the IDE bus, however, is not sufficient to run the controller chip mounted on the adapter, which is why the adapter comes with its own small power connection.

We used an IBM hard drive for this test:

It is plain to see that the plugged-in adapter sticks out on the left-hand side. Before buying the adapter, do not forget to check whether the computer case has sufficient additional space.